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Want to buy pot in Toronto? Any prescription will do
The Globe and Mail
To buy, you have to produce a prescription. Not a prescription for marijuana, you understand. Nothing so onerous as that. Any prescription will do. Say you suffer from shoulder pain and your doctor once wrote you a prescription for painkillers. If you ...

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Recreational marijuana shoppers can buy marijuana edibles and extracts starting June 2
Oregon continues its early roll out of recreational marijuana sales next month by allowing people to buy pot-infused edibles and extracts. Since October, anyone 21 and older can buy a limited amount of marijuana flowers, starter plants and seeds ...

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Weed all about it! Steph goes to pot!
Brooklyn Paper
I didn't plan to stop a bike ride with my kids along the Portland, Ore. waterfront to buy legalized pot, but the opportunity presented itself, and I took it. Marijuana has been increasingly decriminalized and I have struggled with how to discuss the ...

Green Rush Daily

Colorado Tourists Allowed To Buy More Pot Under New Law
Green Rush Daily
Colorado tourists might be taking their Rocky Mountain vacations to all new “highs” if a new bill gets passed. The bill would get rid of the state's limits on how much weed tourists can buy. Under current laws in Colorado all adults older than 21 can ...

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Fox News

Pot limits for Colorado tourists could be on the way out
Fox News
Removal of the tiered purchase limits is part of a routine renewal of Colorado's pot regulations. That renewal has passed the state House and is awaiting approval in the state Senate, where an initial committee approved the change Wednesday.
Colorado tourists may soon be able to buy as much marijuana as residentsThe Denver Post
Tourists Visiting Colorado May Soon Be Able To Buy More PotCurbed Ski
Non-Coloradans Might Soon Be Able To Buy More PotKTVQ Billings News
KKTV 11 News
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Pot Tourists Would Be Able to Buy Four Times More Marijuana Under New Bill
Those with a Colorado ID can buy up to an ounce of cannabis per transaction, while pot tourists are limited to a quarter-ounce. But that would change under a provision in a larger bill that's largely gone unnoticed until recently. The title of House ...
Colorado's tourists would be able to buy as much marijuana as residents, if a bill moving through the state ...The Cannabist

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Oregonians can buy edible pot products starting June 2
PORTLAND, Ore. – Recreational marijuana users will have a wider variety of cannabis products to choose from next month. Adults over the age of 21 will be able to purchase cannabis-infused edibles, extracts and topicals starting June 2, the Oregon ...

FOX6 investigators go undercover to show how easy it is to buy synthetic pot in Milwaukee
MILWAUKEE — Scooby Snax. Angry Birds. K2. Spice. Green Giant. The Joker. Whatever you call it -- it is a designer drug, most commonly marketed as synthetic marijuana. Even though it's supposed to be illegal, it's still pretty easy to buy in Milwaukee.


8 things to know about legal pot
There's still a black market for pot, even where it's legal. That's because it's cheaper. Pot sold legally in stores is taxed heavily. If you're buying pot from a store in Colorado, there will be about a 28% tax. In Washington, it's 37%, and in Oregon ...
Here's How Much Weed People Are Going to Buy on 4/20Money Magazine

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Don't worry about prices: people prefer to buy legal pot, Seattle attorney says
An attorney with the City of Seattle has advice for Canada about getting the balance right on legalized recreational pot prices: sell it, and they will come. The Canadian Press reported concerns from a leaked federal discussion paper that organized ...

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